Wondering where to sell your old or new branded clothes online in Singapore? Here are 5 ecommerce websites to check out!


Selling clothes online has never been easier, especially if you know where to sell and you have great pieces of clothing you want to sell.

Selling online in Singapore is quite simple. The Singaporeans prefer to shop online, from the comfort of their home, which is an advantage for you and your small business.

If you are wondering where to sell your old or new clothes online in Singapore, here are 5 great ecommerce websites to keep in mind:

    1. Reebonz: If you are looking for a place to sell of your accessory, luxury bag, jewelry, watches or shoes, look no further as this is the right place for you. There are two options of selling at this website – Closets (this is the do-it-yourself selling platform) and the White Globe )this is the premium service specialized for luxury items).
    2. REFASH: This is not a typical ecommerce website but an online community dedicated to girls and women with similar fashion styles to purchase or sell their fashionable pieces of clothes. This community also offers offline services.

  1. Shopify: On Shopify, you can find some great stores selling clothes, accessories, and more. You can find some great pieces of high-quality clothing (new, old, vintage, hand-made, unique, branded, and etc.) at great prices. If you are interested in selling clothes online in Singapore, Shopify is again a great platform for you to consider.
  2. Zalora: This is one of the most popular fashion-related marketplaces in Singapore. If you are running your own clothing store and now you want to establish an online presence, Zalora is definitely the right place to be. The platform can help you create your own shop front, personalize your store, and set your own prices. There are multiple secure payment methods ensuring your customer’s information is safe and protected. There is a huge community engagement, as well as, marketing exposure that can help you promote your clothing brand.
  3. eBay: There is no popular place than eBay to sell your clothes online. You can build your own store and start selling immediately. eBay has a huge customer base meaning you can quickly find buyers and ways to increase the sales.

If you are interested in establishing an online presence and build a small clothing store online, choose one of these 5 options.