Here is a list of 5 benefits one should know when using ecommerce solution Shopify for building an online store in Singapore!


Ecommerce solution Shopify Plus is SaaS and fully hosted ecommerce solution suitable for high-volume merchants. There are a few reasons why someone will want to choose this ecommerce solution when building an online store in Singapore. In this article, we will discuss the greatest benefits you’ll enjoy if you decide to use Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus allows your brand to be reliable, flexible, and cost-efficient. Shopify Plus helps you build your new online store quickly by offering you secure servers, unlimited bandwidth, payment compliance, and allow you to focus on acquiring the new market and present your brand in Singapore the best way possible.

As we said, using ecommerce solution Shopify comes with certain benefits and some of the benefits you should know about are:

  • Complete customization: The Shopify stores are some of the most stylish stores on the market. You can customize each theme, including changing homepage content and layout, header and footer, colors, and typography. For bigger brands looking for something exclusive, the platform can be customized with full CSS and JavaScript control.
  • High volume traffic: There is one new tool for Shopify Plus merchants who run product launch events and flash sales. This platform gives merchants the power to schedule changes to their online store. You can schedule theme-level changes, product pricing, lock your store for a determined duration, and etc.
  • Success management: When using Shopify Plus to run your online store in Singapore, you can count on a dedicated success manager who will help you with all the aspects of the platform and your store. You can also count on a dedicated priority support.
  • Shopify Pay: This feature can allow your customers to save their shipping, credit card, and billing information so they can check out faster the next time they purchase something. This is great for customers who are loyal to your store and also for customers who prefer to shop online via smartphones.
  • Wholesale management: Since 2017, there is a new wholesale platform, giving Shopify sellers the power to run a separate website from their Shopify account.

If you agree that Shopify Plus is indeed the best platform for your new online store in Singapore, build your store now and start selling! Your customers are waiting!